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About Nicole...

Nicole Durand, was born in June 1957, in Lyon, France and now lives and works in the village of Mortola, Italy. over looking the Riviera

The Art
Durand looks beyond the distinction between realism and abstraction
and creates an unique distinctive style known as the
“Durand visionary realism”.

Rare and Powerful Vision
Durand’s modern day mastery of the ancient Italian and Greek art of
sculpting stone provided the perfect palette for her sensuous image of
woman’s enduring beauty and gives the message of unconditional love
and unity always.

The Collection
Durand’s work is among collections in France, Italy, Switzerland, 
Canada, Hong Kong, as well as major cities in the United States such
as Los Angles, New York, and San Francisco.
She is considered a world peace Artist and had major exhibitions in
Beverly Hills with World Vision and the Association of Human Rights
in Germany.
It is evident by her work and life, she is on her way to becoming a 
leading force in the world of sculpture..

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